Yes, That's a New Electric Car | Olympian Motors

Episode 35 of S³

For episode 35 of S³ we feature Olympian Motors, founded by Eren Canarslan and Jasmine Sungu. Olympian is on a mission to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry by creating modular, customizable cars that bring back a sense of style and excitement to the world of EVs. Drawing manufacturing inspiration from designs like the Jeep Willys of World War II, Olympian Motors aims to break free from the standardized, monotonous designs that have become all too common in the automotive industry.

What sets Olympian Motors apart is their innovative approach to manufacturing. By simplifying the electric vehicle production process and focusing on modularity, they've managed to create a system where their cars are assembled from just six modules and 24 components. This Lego-like approach not only streamlines production but also aims to make repairs and customization easier for customers. The founders' commitment to finding the perfect balance between modularity and design is evident in their prototypes, which showcase a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

As Olympian Motors gears up to deliver their first 40 electric vehicles to pre-order customers in New York and California, it's clear that Eren and Jasmine's complementary skills and unwavering dedication to their vision will be key to their success. With Eren’s pioneering spirit and Jasmine's operational prowess, this startup is poised to make a significant impact on the EV market.

Keep on building the future,

— Jason